Cutting stem rot, Need help/suggestions please

Summerville, SC

I ordered this plant and it arrived Monday 3/15/21. The roots were all bad and it has a couple of soft spots in the stem too. I would really like to save and reroot this guy. What should I do?

I have already removed the dead roots and rubbed off the mush in the the 2 rotten spots. I've dunked it twice in Physan 20 (2tsp to 1gal), letting it sit for about 5 mins and I have it sitting on top of leca.

I kind of feel like I need to cut into it to remove the mushy vs just rubbing it off with my hand, but I'm not sure. I rubbed some off on Monday and soaked in Physan 20 and then when I checked its condition on Wedneday it had softened some more, so I rubbed that off and then I re soaked in Physan 20.

I have the mushy spot circled in red in the photos, however because they are rotting the knots aren't as big now as they are in the pictures.

Best suggestions for saving this?
-Also, new to the group! Hi everyone!

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Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi Ab2401,

Since this "plant" has no roots at all, it isn't really accurate to call it a plant or treat it as a plant. Now it is at best a cutting, and should be treated as a cutting. Have you communicated with the people you purchased the "plant" from? When I raise zinnias from cuttings I use humidity domes, fluorescent lighting, and rooting hormones. Rooting starts immediately and is fully developed in 10 to 14 days.


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Ames, IA(Zone 5a)

You can try treating it with cinnamon- but even then I would cut out the mushy spots first as much as you can.

Summerville, SC

Thanks guys! I have since just cut the mushy spots, so hopefully that will stop progressing.

Summerville, SC

Also, I have reached out to the seller and they threw out just about every rooting method there is lol

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