Anyone experienced in growing Dianthus from seeds?

Somerville, AL

I've grown Dianthus mini-carnations for many years (pics attached) but this is my first time starting them from seeds. I have searched the internet FOREVER over last few weeks and cannot find this answer:
If your seedlings become leggy, (I didn't have lights working in the beginning) can they, by chance, be buried up to 1st set of leaves or more like you can with a tomato? We are about to build a new home and I want plenty of established plants by it's completion. So I don't want to waste my time on these if they're toast anyhow. I've got many more seed trays started - with appropriate lighting this time! :-)
As you can see in the close-up shown, they're getting top heavy and no way will survive if I can't bury the stems a little further for stabilization. All I can find on the net is how you can bury leggy tomatoes and how to prevent leggy seedlings. I already know how to prevent it :-)

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