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Somerville, AL

I can't find out how to watch a post. This screenshot shows that it says to check the box but there are no boxes as you can see. I can't find anything around them by clicking. Am I doing something wrong?

Thumbnail by SherylH
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I am a graduate of Neanderthal Tech, so I don't know if I can even speak the language.

If you want to watch an individual post/thread, there is a Watch icon right above the first post, under the title/subject of the post. You probably won't see that on a posting you started, since this site automatically notifies you on the home page if anyone replies. It will give you an Unwatch icon on your own threads, and on any thread that you reply to.

To watch a forum, go the to Communities page where all the forums are listed. Select one you want to participate in, say, Vegetable Gardening. On that page, next to the box for POST A NEW THREAD, there are the words Add to favorite forums. Click on that, and you will be notified on your home page whenever there is activity on that forum.

If none of this is understandable, try clicking on the Contact at the bottom of each page. They are slow to answer, but they can help.

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