Evergreen flowering hedges - zone 6b

Ashburn, VA

I am looking for 3-4 feet hedges that flower in spring/summer but are evergreen.
I am looking to cover my white vinyl walls a bit. Any suggestions appreciated.

Width should be less than three feet.

We have three Cleveland pears and two maple trees. These hedges shouldn't impact the health of these trees.

If there are no flowering hedges, plain hede recommendations are also welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Azaleas and Camellias if they can handle your zone.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

There are small (one to four feet) varieties of rhododendrons that are very hardy. I prefer the more beefy leaves to azaleas. You are a bit over zone for gardenias but maybe with mulch and covers in severe weather. They are coming up with hardier varieties.

Viburnum Valley might have viburnums to recommend. Many are fragrant in a not so good way.

Ashburn, VA

@hcmcdole, @MaypopLaurel, greatly appreciate your knowledge and time!! This will help me narrow my search.

We do have azaleas on the frontside of the house and they are not evergreen, they are deciduous. May be there are some evergreen varieties. Camellias look beautiful, I'll look more into it.

@MaypopLaurel, I also prefer beefy leaves, will look into all of your suggestions.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

There is a new little Viburnum released called 'Moonlit Lace', a hybrid from Viburnum tinus and Viburnum davidii.

There are many other "smaller" evergreen Viburnum hybrids like 'Conoy', 'Suzy Dirr', and 'Pearlific'. Even Viburnum x 'Eskimo' is a pretty compact plant.

You will have to prune anything you select at some point as it grows. These plants and others mentioned previously are all good choices. You have to decide how big a plant you want to start with, and then work with it over its lifespan.

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