What are you planning for your containers this season?

(Zone 7a)
There are a total of 82 votes:

I'm doing veggies in my containers.
(17 votes, 20%)
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Bright annuals, the brighter the better.
(13 votes, 15%)
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I'm doing green things like ferns and hostas.
(3 votes, 3%)
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Perennials in my containers this year.
(12 votes, 14%)
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Soft, pastels are my favorite container plants.
(1 votes, 1%)
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Some, or all of the above.
(31 votes, 37%)
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Other (tell us!)
(5 votes, 6%)
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Micanopy, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm growing lettuce in an old wheel-less wheelbarrow. It's done well. It's up high enough to avoid ground-dwelling pests, plus I hypothesize that other pests don't notice it.

Pleasanton, CA

Just about everything in my yard, including containers, is intended to attract pollinators and birds, especially hummers. I try to use California native plants whenever possible.

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Charleston, SC

I also have veggies in my formal flower beds! I grew a successful lettuce crop as a front border plant and now have tomatoes in with the larkspur and zinnias.
I have started a new gardening podcast called The Charleston Gardener. Go to www.gocharlestongardener.com to subscribe and hear my first episodes. Will be doing one on vegetables as soon as I can get my busy grower friend to find time for an interview.

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