Anybody have experience germinating seeds from Ficus maclellandii?

Chicago, IL

In the past few days (late March) my 31-year old banana leaf ficus dropped these little pea-sized round green objects. I realized that they came from the tree because I found several of them still attached to the branches. It has never flowered; I don't even know if these trees *have* flowers. It has been an indoor tree the entire time. All of the information online that I have been able to find about how these trees reproduce discusses only taking cuttings and getting them to root. Are these seeds? Can I try to germinate them? If they are not, what are they? Does anybody know? Thanks!

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Hadley, PA(Zone 5a)

I'm guessing those are probably the plant's fruits. This fig apparently is sterile unless you have the right kind of wasps to pollinate it. (See following link.) So there wouldn't be any seeds.

Chicago, IL

Thanks for the information and the link! I knew these were tropical trees but didn't know their original habitat/range. Definitely no partner fig wasps in Chicago...and from the looks of the leaves, mine is still in its juvenile stage. My wife was just as mystified as I was, and she's the head gardener in our household.

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