Trimming Sour Oranges into Hedge

Scottsdale, AZ

I have a new hedge I am attempting to grow of about 20 sour orange trees. I planted them about 2 years ago, they are not fully grown. They are growing nicely, but I am not trimming them and probably should be to encourage hedge type growth.

I read this on the internet:
Use pruners to remove any thick branches or suckers that form a second trunk. Snip them off where they meet the main trunk of the hedge tree. This kind of pruning is more severe than maintenance pruning and should be done in the winter or early spring.

I have multiple trees with 2 trunks, one is pointing straight up the other is leaning out. As a rule should I just lop off the non-straight trunk?

What else should I be doing to trim them now that spring is here?

Thank you.

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