Whatís wrong with my Lantanas?

Cedar Park, TX

Hello, would appreciate any help with addressing issues with my lantanas( less than 4 weeks old). They are planted in the front yard in central Texas, south facing location. When they were newly planted they had a few blooms, but now I notice that all plants pretty much have no blooms and also the blooms are turning brownish to black and the leaves also donít look healthy. Help please.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Were the plants hardened off? It looks like you have had temps in the low forties this past week. Lantanas can handle cold if they are acclimated but are kept at night lows of fifty-five when greenhouse grown. Sometimes the problem is they were shipped to the retailer too early and the cold damage doesn't show up until you have them in the ground. What soil is under that mulch? They must have very well drained soil. In fact, they prefer a dry situation. Pull the mulch away until hot weather sets in.

Cedar Park, TX

Thank you for the feedback. I will remove the mulch and see if that will help. We have very clayey soil here. Thatís the soil thatís underneath the mulch. Do you recommend supplementing with something else? Can I try any other treatment on leaves or prune some growth to encourage healthier growth when the season gets warm?

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I would dig them up and amend the soil with a light soil for raised beds and course sand for better drainage. Don't spend money on treatment because it would be cheaper to replace them (after you fix your soil situation). I have clay soil as well so I grow lantana in raised planters and pots. See photo...lantana is on the right.

There is one lantana a woman in N. Georgia grew that was freeze hardy. It became a named foundation stock that is much sought after. I can't recall the name. It looks just like the multicolor upright type.

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Saint Augustine, FL(Zone 9b)

My lantanas dropped leaves like that over the winter, then started filling out again when temps got into the 60's. The older ones with deeper roots seem to do a little better, so maybe getting established will help.

Cedar Park, TX

Thank you. That helps. Will wait and watch to see if they revive and get healthier

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