What is this spider?

Glendale, CA

Is this poisonous? Found it in the house I just moved into in the Valley area of Southern California.

Thumbnail by na01141
Birmingham, AL

Looks like possibly hobo, or wolf spider. How big is it and do you have any pics of the top?

Glendale, CA

It was about the size of a nickel or dime. No photos of the top. Seemed to have a light black pattern.

Birmingham, AL

I'm probably wrong then. It looked bigger in the pic. (Thats what she...)

Minot, ND

Very unlikely to be either a wolf spider or a hobo spider, but it certainly doesn't appear to be anything dangerous to humans. With very few exceptions, nearly all spiders have venom glands and thus technically can be considered as venomous, but only a few species are truly dangerous. See the 'sticky' note on spider bites at the top of this forum.

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