Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud

East Haddam, CT

I was given an Eastern Redbud Forest Pansy in Nov. 2020 and transplanted it into a soft-side Smart Pot, and then set that soft pot into a clay pot. I didn't plant it because it was a surprise gift, and I had no idea where to plant it. The tree is 8' tall from the soil surface.
I did my best to protect it over winter, moving it to a sheltered spot, etc. Spring is here, but I don't see any new buds on it. Should I be seeing baby buds yet? Some branch tips snapped off, but others have resistance. I have zero experience with trees and appreciate any advice.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Post some pictures of your plant and its current situation. Show the WHOLE plant, and then progressively closer images of the trunk, branches, buds, etc.

You can also gently scratch the stem of your plant, and see if there is green tissue beneath the surface. This is an indication of life. If it is brown and dry, that is indication of dead wood.

I suspect that your spring has not yet sprung in East Haddam, CT. But show us more...

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