SOLVED: What is this volunteer from last year?

Midland, WA

At first I thought it was Blue Pimpernel, but their leaves are more narrow and pointed, but now it's looking more like Calibrachoa which I thought was sterile.

Thumbnail by DJMCgardener
Castro Valley, CA

Did you grow any zinnias?

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Zinnia was my first thought.

Midland, WA

No zinnias

Midland, WA

I guess it will be a surprise

Bretten, Germany

Could it be Hypericum?

Manorville, NY

It very well may be calibrachoa. I had them two years ago, and the year after (and I'm in zone 7), I had several volunteers that looked very much like yours. The baby plants all flowered a magenta color, instead of the colors of the different parent plants.

Midland, WA

Looks actually more like hypericum than calibrachoa. Hoping I'm wrong. Still waiting for it to flower.

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