Can I Plant Peat Pot Seedlings into Larger Containers?

Brooklyn, NY

I live in NYC and I am starting a patio garden. Everything will be in large pots. Can I replant my peat pot seedlings into these larger containers or are they supposed to go into the ground (where there are worms etc) only?
Thank yoU!

Independence, MO

Hi Hannahmariah. Yes, many people start their plants in peat pots and then transfer them into big pots for container gardening. Your small plants will need to have more room as they grow, so you will have to transfer them eventually. Keep in mind that some plants do better in the ground as opposed to large containers, but you can learn as you go as to which plants did better than others and you'll know for next year what was a success. Also, you don't have to have soil with worms for plants to be successful...just good soil nutrients.

If it's a true peat pot, you can actually plant the whole thing into the container without disturbing the roots. The roots will eventually grow through the peat. I personally like to tear off the peat along the top of the cup so that moisture doesn't wick out if it isn't fully below the soil.

If they're in small plastic pots, you'll want to turn them over gently in your hand and remove the whole root ball with soil along with it and transfer into your larger containers. Try not to just pull the plants out of the soil because you will cause some root damage that causes your plants to have to repair themselves and can stunt their growth or add more time trying to catch up to where they were.

Hope this helps!

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