Early Swallowtails Help

Chicago, IL

I am in Chicago and we have been raising Black Swallowtails and Monarchs for a few years. I have about 35 Swallowtail chrysalis that have been overwintering in a habitat in the garage. Unfortunately 5 of them emerged either yesterday or this morning, probably because i have had the heat on for a few days and they became confused as to the weather. I put the butterflies in another habitat and moved the remailing chrysalis to an outdoor shed in hopes they do not emerge yet. I have never had any emerge this early, usually in mid May they emerge.

Anyway, its going to be pretty cold here next week and im sure they will not survive if i release them now. I am thinking of keeping them in the habitat for a few weeks and would like any thoughts on this as to if they will survive...I will have to go to the garden center to get some nectar plant for them to feed on or if any other suggestions let me know....Thanks!

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