Strawberry plant leaves are drooped during the day, and fine at night. Ideas on why?

Hi all,

As the title says, I have two strawberry plants in good soil with compost -- planted them in a deep container about 2 weeks ago. This week we started getting some hot weather (L.A. area in California), and during the day the leaves and stems of the plats are drooping like crazy, but show no discoloration of any sort. At night/in the morning they prop right back up and look totally healthy. When the sun hits them they droop...and this has been happening for about four days. I keep them hydrated and I don't think I'm over-watering -- I keep the soil so that it's moist about two inches down. I don't see insects on them, and if I pull on the stalk to see if the roots have been munched by rot, they are very firm and don't budge.

Any ideas?

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