Should I Have this Hickory Removed?

Missouri City, TX

This hickory (I think that's what it is) was damaged sometime before we bought the house. Possibly during construction, idk. The middle has had this scar on it, but I think a woodpecker went to town on it the other day. The innards of the tree are soft in that damaged spot. But the leaves and stuff look healthy.

So, should I have it removed? Or will it still be able to live a decent, upright life without breaking in half, falling, and crushing my garden?

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Hi BunnyBlue:

You should step back and take a picture of the whole tree, and give us an indication of the situation in which it is currently growing.

I think you have a Hackberry there (Celtis sp.) rather than a Hickory. Regardless, that's a large wound and the tree will have a hard time closing it completely or quickly. That said: Hackberries are tough trees that tolerate and survive many insults that humans inflict upon them. Conversely, a strong storm with high winds hitting the wounded side of the tree could cause it to snap right off.

Unless you have a strong attachment to this tree, I'd suggest removal before potential property damage occurs.

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