SOLVED: Help to ID - Is this bindweed or morning glory?

Oxford, United Kingdom

I would very much appreciate some help in identifying these plants.
I know there is morning glory (blue-purple flowers) in this area, but I can't tell if these new plants coming up are morning glory or bindweed. There is bindweed (unwanted) that comes up in this area too.
I have taken a few pictures as there are a few clumps all close together.
Are they all morning glory, or some bindweed, and how can I tell them apart?
Thank you.

Thumbnail by Orange349 Thumbnail by Orange349 Thumbnail by Orange349 Thumbnail by Orange349
Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

The first photo looks like honeysuckle.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Wow that would be very welcome if it was, I love honeysuckle

Richmond, TX

I don't think any of them look like morning glory or bindweed at this stage.

Oxford, United Kingdom

I just assumed it was one or the other! There have been morning glory in that area though, but maybe they have not shown themselves yet.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Do you think they are honeysuckle too, or?

Saint Paul, MN(Zone 4b)

Honeysuckles have opposite leaves so no, these are not honeysuckles.

It seems that bindweed does not necessarily immediately start growing its characteristic arrowhead shaped leaves, so this could still certainly be young bindweed, keep an eye on them. Actually, some of the new leaves look to be starting to form an arrowhead shape already.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Thank you! Update - yes, it is bindweed, I find out now. Got quite enthusiastic bindweed popping up in the other flowerbeds and the lawn too now, that I pull up and it merrily comes right back again.

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