Bearded Iris Challenge!

Medford, OR

Some years ago, I rescued a bunch of tall bearded iris rhizomes from a bull-dozed community garden. I've most, but there are still a few I have been unable to nail down. Here are my best guesses:

Purple/white: resembles Altruist, but deeper color and frillier
Dark purple: resembles Master Touch, but has a distinct white thumbprint on falls
Medium purple: this one is from my grandfather; it's tall, but the flowers are smaller than the Schreiner's-type hybrids and it blooms early.
Maroon falls with golden standards: I haven't a clue.

I would be grateful for any help you folks can give me, and I'll gladly send rhizomes to anyone who can pin these down for me!

Thumbnail by JulieDock Thumbnail by JulieDock Thumbnail by JulieDock Thumbnail by JulieDock
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Join your local Iris society. They will know what selections were commonly grown in your area (OREGON - where you can grow everything with abandon), and which these will likely be from among the many THOUSANDS of named selections.

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