SOLVED: Is this some kind of violet?

Manorville, NY

This has been taking over my yard. It's been here for years and I still can't identify it. Note that the flower has NO purplish lines like most of the other white violets. Shape is kind of odd, too, but the leaves look like they are in the viola family. I've researched white violets, and this doesn't seem to be any of the species listed (I am in the eastern US, Long Island, NY). Can anyone ID it? Thank you!

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You haven't shown anything that would make me think it is anything other than a Viola sp. There are so many different ones, including hybrids generated through horticultural efforts, that you would likely need DNA testing to nail it down to any one answer. You could always submit samples to your local Cooperative Extension Service for identification, as well.

You should dig up a clump or two and examine its underground structures. That should ice it for you, that it IS a Viola sp.

Manorville, NY

Will definitely consider doing this. I'm assuming it is some hybrid as I can't find any information on it anywhere. Thanks!

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