Catalpa tree???is it a northern or southern variety.

Aldie, VA

I live in northern Va. and have loved these trees that grow near me for many years. I am wanting to plant one on my property but want to make sure I get the right variety. These pictures were taken yesterday and you can see that it is a late to leaf tree as most of the other tress around it are further along.( I donít know what the flowers look like or if it flowers -I donít recall seeing flowers on it but I am normally just driving by)
Hoping the pictures will help identify it.
I just love how the branches are formed itís so lovely to look at during the winter especially when it snows!

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

That tree certainly does flower (May or June)! All those long seed pods are the evidence, located where the tree had flowered. Catalpa flowers are large and white, very showy and attractive to pollinators.

I don't know if I'm answering your question, but...if you plant those seeds or any of the thousands more hanging there, you will have that tree that you like!

If you are talking about going out and trying to buy one, that's a different matter.

From what you've shown, I think that is the Northern Catalpa - Catalpa speciosa. One other method to help determine which species this is, is by collecting a fully formed leaf. For Northern Catalpa, the leaf should be densely pubescent on the underside (fuzzy) and - when crushed - should be scentless.

Southern Catalpa is supposed to be only slightly pubescent (and then primarily on the veins) and unpleasantly odoriferous when leaves are crushed.

Whether you buy a larger plant or not, you should try sprouting some of those seeds to see if you are successful. You can always give them away if you get a bumper crop.

Here's a big old Kentucky specimen in bloom...

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