Ocotillo does not grow well

Tucson, AZ

Sorry, I first posted this in the "Ask a Dave's Gardener" sub-forum before I noticed this sub-forum . . .

I planted an ocotillo about 10 years ago. When I planted it there were about a half dozen branches and it was about 5 ft tall. Now it is almost 7 foot tall and has 10-15 branches. My problem is that it NEVER blooms -- all the other ocotillos in my neighborhood have been blooming profusely for the last couple of weeks. And it never gets many leaves, even after the monsoon starts in July. I live in the Sonoran Desert at about 2500 ft altitude. Maybe a special fertilizer? Watering suggestions? My neighbors have LARGE ocottilos in their yards that are NEVER watered (only rain) and they all look fine, even in our current drought conditions ???

Tucson, AZ

Here's a picture . . .

Thumbnail by PumaMan

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