Habanero seedling curling leaves

Emeryville, CA

Hi everyone, I have 3 young habanero plants that have small, curling, light leaves. Could this be due to aphids? I saw some on my other plants. Or does this look like a watering or light issue? They are in full sun right now, is that burning them?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Emeryville, CA

Hereís a photo

Thumbnail by nml95
Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi nml,

From what I can see in your photo, your habanero seedlings are suffering from a nutrient deficiency. At this early stage in their development, the symptoms aren't well developed enough to pinpoint an exact nutrient or nutrients, but I suggest a weak application of a complete water soluble formula. I know that habaneros are not orchids, but I feed my indoor zinnia seedlings with a soluble nutrient formula that is recommended for orchids.


My zinnias are my orchids. Outdoors in garden soil that contains the necessary microbes to break down urea into soluble ionic forms of nitrogen (ammonium and nitrate ions) I use MiracleGro Tomato Food. It is completely water soluble. You can use as much as a tablespoon per gallon, but I use just a teaspoon per gallon to be on the safe side, and I can use that dilution safely for all of my "waterings". It has urea as a nitrogen source, but a rather complete formula, including a little more Magnesium than most so-called "complete" formulas have. Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll, so it is vital for plant growth. Plants actually need a lot of different elements for their proper nutrition, including a number of "trace" elements, and good nutrient formulas include those trace elements. Also, for prolonged indoor growth I add some Calcium nitrate to the mix.

If aphids were your problem, you would be able to see them. They are small, but not so small that you can't see them.

ZM (not associated with any product or vendor mentioned or linked)

Emeryville, CA

Hey Zen_Man, thanks for the quick reply. Iíll try adding some water soluble fertilizer with my next watering.

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