What flower is mixed in with my grass seed?

Hanila, Estonia(Zone 5a)

My lawn was regraded last year and then reseeded. Things were slow to take off last year because of the drought. Things are starting to take off now and I have hundreds of these purple flowers in the ~.5 acre that was reseeded with this grass seed mix. The rest of the reseeded area was seeded with a different mix as it is for different use and there are none of these flowers in that part of the lawn. Both mixes purchased from local garden store.

I have never seen this before on my property so I don't think it is seed from plants in the area and are now sprouting.

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Castro Valley, CA

Lamium purpureum - red dead-nettle or purple dead-nettle - very weedy!!!!!

Lincoln, NE

YIKES! Agree with ZilyZily, itís a lamium. I hate to say it but you might need 2,4-D or professional help to rid yourself of it if youíve got 1/2 an acre.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Or, if you have a healthy lawn established, you won't have to do anything at all.

This is a weedy annual, and generally always is in the soil seedbank. It germinates during the winter, and this is its spring flowering/seeding form. You won't see it again for the rest of the year, and maybe never again - unless you disturb the soil again.

I would waste any further time worrying about it. The dead body parts will add fertility as they rot away.

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