Coffee HWYD and May flowers 2021

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

If you liked April you can visit it here.

Thanks Sheila!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Thanks Sheila!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

You beat me to it, Sheila.

I think down in these here parts where I live, May is going to come in like a lion. Talking 40 mph winds here today. It's pretty breezy out there now, but sunny and not really too bad temp-wise. I'd have to put on a sweatshirt. Well, for maybe 10 minutes. :>)

Mowed yard yesterday. If it doesn't rain pretty soon I don't think I'll have to mow much in a week. It's VERY dry, which is good for the farmers planting right now, but those little seeds are going to need some moisture very soon.

I got my piece of chicken wire nailed to the pole to keep the trumpet vine from falling down. I see it has a couple leaf buds but it's not going hog-wild yet. The wisteria should be really green soon if it warms up and rains. I hope I get lots of flowers on it this year.

Someone......Tammy???.......asked about the flowering quince. I've had it about 5 years and it's still pretty small, maybe about 3 feet tall. It's where we mow so any undesireable shoots will get mowed off. Same with the wisteria and trumpet vine (tho I'm sure my Mother has rolled in her grave MANY times because she as much as told me I needed my head examined if I got either one of those. LOL)

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

I made a brutal assault on my closet this morning. If i haven't worn it in X amount of years, out it goes. No point in hanging in my closet when someone could make use of it. Most of it nearly new, because I thought I liked it and then didn't. So two big bags are going to the Goodwill. I notice my leather Stone Mountain purse has gotten several badly worn spots and I think it needs to go too. I have a black leather one that's still in good shape so I don't need a replacement. In emptying the brown/black one I found the small retractable tape measure I thought I lost. LOL

Elsie,our supermarket has a big shelf with fruit and veggies that might be past their prime, and sometimes I snag a bag of lemons. There's always bananas there and I like to get those if I'm making pudding or pie because they are perfect if I use them right away. If I see some potatoes sprouting I might get them and stick them in the garden! I like the scallop idea with the lemon. DH loves scallops and Aldi has them at a good price.

Anna, my favorite wind chimes were kind of pricey but they didn't hold up well. Last year DH replaced the cords with sturdier material and I hope it lasts. They were out all winter and don't look any worse for wear. I really want a rain chain because I think they are so neat but we don't have a good place to put one where we could enjoy it. I'm looking forward to some deck sitting soon. I'm sick of the inside of the house.

Windy and partly sunny, don't expect much of a temperature rise. Waving to all, and hope you all enjoy May Day and good thought to all who are recovering from whatever has you bruised or ailing. I sure miss Bonnie.

OK, off I go.

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Just back from two lacrosse games. I've always loved any kind of sports, but today I could easily have gone back home. It was cold and windy. I had a hard time even watching the game (did a lot of people watching) Family next to me had blankets and all I could think of was curling up in one. Both kids lost their games...boohoo

We took the youngest DGS out to lunch (another game for his brother was still going on) Went to Culver's and ate way too much and now feel like I am going to explode.

Brought two DGS's home with us. One is cutting the grass and the other is riding the mo-ped. I will have to take both of them home later on. They are not staying the night LOL

I had chimes many moons ago, but we live in a wind tunnel area and after a while they got annoying. Think maybe DH tossed them LOL

Still haven't put my peas in. It is dry as dust here

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

The ones I want do not clang. Corinthian Bells are so soothing.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the new thread Sheila :-)

As always, housework followed by yardwork, BUT the former owner from 33 years ago dropped by with her daughter for a visit, many tears were shed, but, happy memories ..

Off to feed the fur people, then the skin people :-)


Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Thanks for the new room Sheila, hard to believe it's May already.

Eleven days of school left!! Woo Hoo!! Told DH to plan on me being really crabby the week of the 10th. Board meeting on the 10th, so I have to have all the invoices in, write checks on the 11th, senior banquet on the 12th, need to make potato salad on the 14th for a senior graduation, and then graduation on the 15th. I am not going to do a dam thing on the 16th. I know I will be exhausted. I am paying the Blue Jean fund an extra $10 to be able to wear jeans the last three days of school. Our Blue Jean fund is what we collect from teachers if they want to wear jeans on Thursday's. Then we give out a couple of book scholarships to the seniors with those funds. Textbooks are about $100 a book, so if they get a couple hundred, at least it won't be a drain on their budgets if they can buy a couple.

Went rummaging for a couple of days this week. DDIL kept me medicated so my toe wouldn't hurt. The first day was tough, but the second didn't hurt nearly as much. I need to do more walking now, I sit so much of the day behind a desk, I get no exercise. Got DGS's room decorated and I got a bunch of canning jars. I also get a high chair and potty chair for when I have the other DGS. I donated the previous potty chair as I didn't think DS #2 would ever have kids. That's all it took, wham, got his girlfriend prenant. LOL Of course, DH had to get rod, reels, dip nets, hammers, chains, all kinds of goodies. I cringe when he drives us around to rummage sales. The lights always turn red before he gets through an intersection. DGS counted 7. Oy. One of these days.... He's off into Nebraska today to get a field cultivator. Seems like DS is the one that wants to farm and DH is the one buying all the equipment. LOL

Going to have to find a bucket to soak my hose splitters in vinegar. They are so crusty with minerals from the well that we used last year. I'm also going to get a bucket to put my 'depends' in. I take apart a Depends undergarment and take the stuff out that soaks up moisture, put it into a bucket, add water and then dig it into the ground for moisture retention so I don't have to water so often. Works pretty good. Beats paying $5 for a little bag of the stuff. LOL My friend told me about it and I said it was all her fault that I bought my first bag of "Depends". LOL

I found some metal 'panels' in the trees from some old piece of machinery. I was going to have DGS weld it into some kind of obelisk but 4 of them together wouldn't have stood straight, so he did 2 panels leaning up against each other. I will attach a picture and you can tell me what to plant on them. I was going to put cucamelons on them, but I don't have any seeds left. Maybe some kind of flowering plant? Give me your opinion, ladies. There are two of them, one on each end of the garden, they are about 4.5 feet tall. I don't think nasturtiums could crawl up, but would look cool at the bottom. What to do, what to do....

My tomatoes are blooming and I need to get the wall o waters off. The cabbages leaves are as big as dinner plates. I am going to have to get the pea trellis up soon. I keep saying that and it never happens. LOL

Attaching a picture of the pink moon the other night. It was beautiful.

Thumbnail by Ruth Thumbnail by Ruth Thumbnail by Ruth Thumbnail by Ruth
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Sandy and Chaos

Ruth, I cannot imagine the end of the year school stuff. DM used to do it at the high school I went to. That leaf is huge. I have not gotten one seed planted. Congrats on the other DS's baby. Too funny about getting rid of baby stuff. I think that metal thing would look good with some climbing flowers.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

or pole beans or sugar snaps, mixed with some vining flowers....

Did I say it was cool?? We have 40 mph winds and the temperature got up to 80*.

I went to the market with two things on my list. Check out total, $98. DH, "Oh, two $49 dollar items, eh? LOL

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a) about morning glories (love those things!) I have porcelain berry vines on an obelisk....they are striking (perennial), did sweet peas one year and I'm still trying to get rid of those suckers!

I love the idea of jeans on Friday for a price. Good thinking!! and love that the proceeds are given back to the students. You do realize that the school secretary is the most important person in the building!! (for real!!!)

Took the two DGS's home. Little one (8 yr) was such a worker. He mowed the lawn (not great), made our bed (even worse!), did the dishes, vacuumed, cleaned a small drawer and folded clothes. Asked him how much we owed him and he said six dollars. Then thought of one more chore he did (garbage duty) so upped it to 7. LOL Worker DGS took the big snow blade off our big tractor and put the big rototiller on. Then got on top of our trailer and caulked areas that needed it. He got rewarded too!

Got to 70 today, but with the wind, it wasn't nice out. Next week is supposed to be cooler. Can't wait until 'summer' arrives!!

Gonna be an early to bed night...I'm bushed.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I have been meaning to adk but any of you have any of those old Readers Digest music books? I would like to find one/some.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Thanks for the new space Sheila.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

I thought Anna would do it the night before but I waited a bit and then thought let's get to May, it has to be better than April!!

We went out for breakfast, my DS and DIL are coming over this afternoon so I'm making a shrimp salad with capers, olives, celery, and radiatore pasta. which spell check tells me I spelled wrong but I did not. So there. Also will make a 7 layer dip and hope everyone is happy.

After having the doors open yesterday all the dust bunnies that were unreachable with the vacuum came out and stuck to the edges of the area rug, so I had to drag out the vacuum. Vacuum did not recognize me. I had to introduce myself.

Ruth, you and Vicki have got a great start on your veggies. I need to go poke around in the raised beds. DH said there's a half dozen asparagus shoots up.

Better get started on the salad.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Sunny but coolish here today ..
DH rototilled his veg garden and got the potatoes in, dying to tell him about the DEPENDS method of watering, makes sense to me ..thanks Ruth and good luck with your busy week !!

Had a call from the daughter of the lady who sold us this house and visited yesterday .. she and her DH would like to purchase the property when we go to sell, not soon .. nice to know though ..

Lorna and I groomed Zoey today, THAT was a chore ..

Stir fry for supper, best get to chopping veggies ..


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Yesterday we got up to 84 degrees. Was too hot out even tho I did try.

Went out just after 9 this morning and it was perfect.

Started cleaning up around my shed. Dug out some stinging nettle. Looked a couple of other plants over and hope I remembered how I wanted to move them around. Knocked off some fern leaf bleeding heart starts. Then dug up a few more. Have a lime green one with pink flowers and dug up several of them. They are all in started pots.

One of the hummer feeders was empty. Hope it was a hummer and it didn't leak out.

M I have been wanting stir fry also. Chicken is thawing. That would be nice to have a built in buyer!

Sheila I am so happy with most of the plants this year. I have some really nice tomato plants. Not leggy at all. I will be planting after the 8th. or starting the 8th.

Sarv sounds like you have a 2nd worker Grandson. You won't have to worry about a helper for quite some time.

Ruth what a great homemade trellis! I see some parts I want to make one out off also.

Think I will go and do something else.

Sheila, it's nice you are making friends with your vacuum.

Those crystals that help to keep moisture around the plants are great. I used to get these tiny bags of them from the garden center. A number of years ago the nursery down the road from where I lived was going out of business. They had the crystals in gallon jugs. I bought all of them. I can't remember how many I bought but it was a good deal. I now have the remaining jug. I use them in my pots. Down here I don't know how much of a difference they make.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

You can pull apart disposable diapers, too, I've used them in big pots and window boxes that dry out too fast. Can't mix it with the soil though.

The shrimp salad got a little fancier...I mixed chili sauce with the dressing, and cut up a hard boiled egg and threw that in. I hope it's good. The cooked and peeled shrimp was from Argentina, I got it at Trader Joe's. It's very tender.

DH cut the grass and now he's out with the trimmer doing I don't know what. Not asking. We got a car wash on the way home this morning. It was dusty. LOL

Elsie, I don't plan a long term friendship with the vacuum cleaner. It sucks.

somewhere, PA

I never thought of using diapers / depends but I bet it would be a lot cheaper than buying those crystals. We had a chain around here called Franks that was like a big box store for gardening. When they went out of business I also bought a giant jug of those crystals but they are all gone now.

I've been moving a few plants around and making sure the beds are weeded and edged . I planted a few cana lilies and crocosmia. I visited a friend who wanted help figuring out the computer she should buy (got a dozen real farm eggs out of the deal!). Came home and mowed grass. I'm pooped. lol

The love bugs are back. Since the screen is partway down on one of the panels in the florida room two are on the sliding glass door screen. So Mr. Monkey is jumping up to get them. He is napping now.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Wakey wakey................where are all you people???

Did my exercises..........I'm doing a 30 day thing for arms, abs, thighs and butt. For instance, this morning they went like this.....

10 pushups..................25 second plank...............8 chair dips

15 crunches..........15 leg raises..........20 second plank

Butt Lift
5 squats.......5 pointed butt lifts...........5 fire hydrants...........5 heel kicks

Thigh Slimming
10 plie squats..........10 leg swings each side.........10 side lunges/each side
5 side leg lifts/each side

The numbers increase a little each day. It remains to be see if I will be able to pull off a 90 second plank by the end of May. :>(

Jason brought Larkin to the house yesterday. Catniss was traumatized. She did the "Halloween cat" thing...........arched back, fluffy tail was HUGE.............she took off and bounced off the top of the pail I have the cat food in. It was rather comical. I hope she recovers without needing a cat therapist. Grizabella is still warming up to him...........she liked Axl so I think she'll come around in time and go rub against his leg.

My friend Tracey has to take all 3 of her cats to the vet this morning; I'm assuming for a "well kitty" check. She messaged me and said "lunch today if I'm still sane?" LOL I hope she doesn't have bandaged arms from scratches.

I heard something about starting to clean the RV this afternoon. I can hardly wait.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Remember, the stuff in the diapers isn't mixable with the soil, it's only good for lining something. The crystals can be mixed in the soil, and some bagged potting material already has it in it.

Lovely day yesterday but rain coming today and it''s cloudy but no breeze that I can tell. We really need the rain.

Got an email this morning saying I had $50 some odd dollars credited to my CapitalOne account. Hmmm. Nope haven't returned anything with that $ amount, but decided to check directly with the website rather than use the link they provided. Nope. Musta been a scam. Watch out.

New day. New obligations. Need to shoot myself with my B12 injection, too. Maybe I should do that right now while I'm thinking about it.

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Did a bunch of running around...some successes and some not so. Went to the bank for mom (way out of the way) and they were closed ...covid. Next to Target for a prescription and to get oven cleaner (didn't have any), Costco for gas and 4 pair of pants hopped into my cart. Had a slew of mandevilla, but I really want diplodenia, so passed.

Had a very light drizzle that didn't amount to diddley. Hopefully more coming tonight.

I've used disposable diapers too. But I tell you the best thing that I have done is put in automatic waterers to all my pots and a line of hosta. They did great last year.

Marilynne...great that someone wants your home. I would like ours gone, but not for at least 5 years....and I want to leave everything and just walk away.

Listening to a good book on tape...that is all the work I'm doing today

somewhere, PA

I filled in my ballot for our PA primary this morning. We have some constitutional amendments that are NOT good so that was important to finish and get in the mail. They came on Sat and the Primary is May 18. Not a lot of time given our USPS situation. I also mowed a lot of grass. The place looks pretty darned good! So much color right now!

Anna - I'm getting my exercise working on the property these days. Yesterday I was out digging/planting, pulling weeds & pushing a lawn mower for over 4hrs. I'm not getting targeted exercise but I know my core, arms & legs all got good workouts! lol. Yoga helps with flexibility and also targets core & other muscles.

I need to buy a big bale of potting soil so I can finish potting up my planters. I can't believe how much I used transplanting all the stuff in the greenhouse. Its a cool day - yesterday hit 80. Today its maybe 60 and gray w/light sprinkles now.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)'s raining.........even thundering and lightning. It could do this all night, such a nice, gentle rain coming down. We need it SO bad.

Dianne, how is your head? Have you gotten an appointment yet? I hope Kai has been a good little boy.

I went to the store and when I got back in the car it was 95. Yes I was hot. The town is replacing sidewalks so traffic was backed up. I am sure I wouldn't want to working out there.

I got my new vacuum. It sure has sucked up a lot of cat hair.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning
Sandy and Chaos

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Done my exercises. Now to change my clothes and I'm off to town to the laundromat to wash all the RV rugs. Whilst they twirl in the washer, I'll go do my shopping. TTFN. :>)

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Breakfast is down the hatch and working on my coffee. Kind of planning my day.

Been grey and dreary and windy. Can't forget that wind. But not really any rain. Will have to water the potato plants and the peas.

Going out in about 30 minutes to work on the flowerbed by my shed. Get those plants moved around so they are spaced better after growing for 3 years. Maybe I can start some more. That would be hostas.

Need to bake something today but can't figure out what I want. We had a spice cake last week.

Yesterday we went and did errands. No special sales at the stores. Picked up some soil for the gardens. Most of that will go in the raised beds. Car doesn't carry enough. Should of taken the truck but I thought it might rain. Next time and get enough I have a start for next year. That sure makes things easier come spring. Also found some red petunias at Menards. Not as deep a red but they will do.1.99 a 6 pack. Klingers wanted 1.99 for a 4 pack. So I did just fine with what I got.

Went to Hope Gospel Thrift Store and found 3 shirts. NOw I can get rid of a couple that are in really bad shape. Losing weight would be even better to fit into what I already have.

Then went to Aldi's for the needed groceries which wasn't much. Home at just after noon. DH wanted to pick up lunch. I don't know what is going on but those Whoppers don't agree with me half the time it seems.

Better get going to keep on my schedule. I feel like I am running out of time.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Vicki, I wonder if they've changed their beef by adding some soy products...I know some places do that. Looked it up, YES. If you are sensitive to soy, read this.

Drizzly day and the dentist's office called and asked it I wanted to come in today instead of Friday. Sure, get it over with. Have several other errands I can do so that will work and save a trip on another day.

We didn't get much rain at all. No T and L overnight either. I hope we get some more because we are very dry but not while I'm driving.

Turned the heat off for the nice days, feels chilly in here. Might kick it on for my shower. LOL

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Sheila thanks for looking it up. To my knowledge I am not sensitive to soy. But starting to wonder about it. I don't notice anything else with soy affecting me like that at times. Will have to keep track of it.

Okay going to head out in a few. DS came home and threw off my timing.

somewhere, PA


I'm all warm and stretched out after a vigorous yoga session.

I'm going to check the garden, plant some squash, pumpkin & beans and then after a shower, may head over to the pottery studio. I didn't sign up for time so if there are already 4 people there, I'll just head over to a local produce shop and come home.

Have a great day everyone!

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Freezing cold here and I am in a bad mood. Weather guys are saying frost two different times in the upcoming week. Oh glory be. I was going to go to my favorite greenhouse and treat myself do two hanging baskets. But now what???

Then my brother asked us for Mother's Day, but didn't invite our two boys/families. Now what do I do? I"ve ALWAYS cooked for our family and never asked them to make anything so they could enjoy the day too. Nothing fancy..just burgers on the grill with all the fixings. I feel like a heel ditching our boys. grrr....hate holidays for this reason.

Maybe I should just go to the greenhouse and wander around.

Sheila, I am sensitive to soy. Most foods have it listed in the allergens on the package. The new thing is with vitamins and supplements that are in an oil they are using soybean oil.

I just got sucked into a video on Youtube. I don't recall this happening but maybe I just forgot it. Last summer a woman coughed in the face of women at a Pier 1 store in Jacksonville. The woman was trying to get a refund on an item that was broken and she brought in a receipt and a photo - she was with two of her children. She spent about an hour arguing with employees of the store. The woman who got coughed on decided to video her horrible behavior. The woman was just vile. Anyway the trial was on zoom I guess.

The defendant went on and on about how this effected her family's lives. The woman who was coughed on had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She and her DH had just adopted 4 children who were siblings. So at the time of the assault she and those 4 kids were immune compromised. She never did get covid. She and her DH have 10 children. The judge said he never heard the cougher say she was sorry. She sent the other woman a letter stating that she was going through some rough times and the incident made her got back to God. So I am sorry and thank you. Anyway, she got 30 days in jail, 6 months of probation, psych eval, anger management, and a $500. fine. The victim only wanted the $150. price of the covid test. Oh and the cougher was tested and no one contacted the victim with this info.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Wowzers Elsie, quite the story !

Sue, holidays affect me the same way, I am a typical LIBRA and want everyone to be happy, if I even feel a squeak of dissention or hurt feelings, well, I become quiet and withdrawn.

Cool day here once again, no plants in, but, my Forsythia is blooming :-)

DH bit off more than he could chew with a downed tree today, chainsaw got a workout as well as him..

Made a meat loaf, roast tatters and salad to go with ..

Not a bad day as days go :-)


south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Did go to our local greenhouse and it wasn't even half filled. Gal there said they aren't bringing stuff out yet because they will get purchased and then a freeze will hit and people will return stuff...can you believe it! Had a bunch of perennials and many geranium baskets. Prices were awful tho 36 to 46 bucks for a hanging basket. No flats of annuals were out. Neighbor friend went with me and she refused to wear a mask...she was the only one there without one (won't get the vaccine either!)

DS sent me a link to the greenhouse where he works (kids training type of school) and they are having a sale for three days. So I ordered a bunch of flats from them. Prices were fair and I'd just a soon give them my business. Will still buy a ton from our little local one tho.

DH made pork chops on the grill. About broke my molars eating it. They should have been slow roasted in the oven or a crockpot. But since I wasn't cooking, I tried to keep my mouth shut. (notice I said tried LOL)

Had two lacrosse games out of town for youngest DGS. It is freezing cold and neither of us felt like going. Naughty DGS has two tomorrow night and it is at their home fields...close to us. So we will go there unless it rains.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Didn't get done what I had planned. Got sucked into some other things. Oh well.

Any way looked out the kitchen window and there were 3 pairs of geese. Looked at the 2 furthest out and they have 3-4 goslings. WooHoo! They must have the nest in the tall grass to the west. After all these years a pair finally decided to make a nest on our small pond. I am very happy about it.

Supper was leftovers. Chicken Dumpling soup for DH and I took the leftover stir fir and added it to ramen noodles. Very satisfying and easy. Tonight will make chicken vegies and biscuits. The only problem with that chicken as some of it has too much pepper. I will have to wipe some of it off. Even DH mentioned it.

Got the potatoes watered this morning.

Coffee is almost down the hatch and will probably just have toast and coffee for breakfast. Lets see if I can get planned things done today!

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Maybe it's just us, Sue, but I've gotten tough pork lately, even a tenderloin was dry and chewy. I think I'll have to brine it from now on.

Did a lot of errands after my teeth cleaning yesterday. Returned an Amazon top that was not as nice as it looked, went to the CU, Post Office and stopped at JCP to use that gift card they sent for a return. Found a pair of Amanda jeans in black, but I thought the 16 looked pretty small. Went in the dressing room, which required a long walk because they had some blocked off (shoplifting prevention?) and measured them against the ones I was wearing. Too small! I got the 18 and measured them at home again...same as my 16s. Either mismarked or they changed their measurements. Who knows.

Didn't warm up past 50 yesterday. Today is going to be the same. We didn't get enough rain to measure.

Marilynne, meat loaf sounds good. I haven't made one for a while. I like to make sandwiches out of the leftovers, and I freeze some slices for later.

Our front berm is full of blossoms from the volunteer strawberries so maybe we'll get a good amount this year. I tried to take a photo with my phone but they don't show up well from the driveway and I was too lazy to get out of the car. LOL

Loretta I remember seeing that video on Facebook, I see way too many people not wearing masks and if they get Covid they have no one to blame but themselves. How selfish. In Wisconsin about half the population has had at least one shot.

Sue, maybe your gang could come for breakfast instead? My DD called me yesterday and she is driving down on Saturday ...just for me, for Mother's Day. We'll go to lunch and since it's also her birthday I'll treat and give her her birthday bracelet. I bought a bracelet for myself a couple of months ago and liked it so well, I ordered two more, one for her and one for my DDIL. It's the one on the the first photo. I know it's a lousy picture so I copied one from the site. I already gave DDIL hers because next weekend her mother who she hasn't seen in 40 years is coming down from Mercer to visit. She has a complicated family history. She said she's never taking it off.

Anna, I had to go rest after I read your exercise routine. Gotta give you credit for sticking with it.

We'll be off for breakfast, and will pick up salad greens on the way home. DH makes a salad every night, and I used up a lot of greens on Sunday.

Gonna call Bonnie this morning.

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