SOLVED: Need help on shrub ID

Columbus, OH

I inherited this shrub from the previous owners and have no idea what it is. The clustered flowers only have 4 petals, not 5, and have 4 dark red spots inside the long throat. It has multiple 2-3 inch thick trunks and tops out at about 10 feet. Ovate leaves seem to be mostly in clusters at the end of the flowering tips.

Thumbnail by Jules164 Thumbnail by Jules164
Crossroads, Russia

Perhaps it is Elaeagnus umbellata ...

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I would also suspect one of the Elaeagnus sp.

Check the stems and leaves, and photo them closely to post here. A common trait of Elaeagnus sp. is the presence of structural scales on all of the plant's parts, including leaves, flowers, and fruit.

These structural scales will appear as shiny little scales all over the plant.

Columbus, OH

Thank you both for your help. It is indeed Elaeagnus umbellata. The photos and description are on the nose. IDK if I'll go so far as to make jelly from the fruit but I'm glad to learn that it's good for pollinators!

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