And now for the impossible

Sarasota, United States

My daughter would like privacy above a 6 foot fence in a small yard. The yard is sloping and even though she installed privacy fencing her neighbors look into her yard a little too much. She is right on the border of zone seven and eight. Her ZIP Code is technically zone eight.

She would like it to be non-deciduous, fast growing, low maintenance and narrowish at the bottom. Sort of like a crÍpe myrtle that is evergreen. Does anyone know of this miracle shrub/tree?
Every time I think I found the solution I read a review that changes my mind. For instance, English laurel seemed like a good choice until a review said it was very high maintenance because it required a lot of trimming.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You should look into some clump-forming (versus running/colonizing) Bamboo species. You can find them in a range of sizes, and I suspect there'll be one in the 10-12 foot range that should do what is needed.

Sarasota, United States

Thanks for responding. I did suggest a clumping variety to her at one time. She didnít feel it went with her landscaping and she fears what her neighbors may say when they see her plant it. Also worried about the HOA. Some of them are demanding barriers 2í underground if you plant any type of bamboo, even clumping.

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