SOLVED: Tree with red blossom

What is the name of this tree? Never seen it before.
Needles, red blossoms and the hummingbirds love the nectar.
Mediterranean climate.

Thumbnail by Pashoshi Thumbnail by Pashoshi

One more picture

Thumbnail by Pashoshi
Castro Valley, CA

It is a grevillea. Maybe Grevillea 'Long John' but it looks like your foliage is bluish which throws me. I have got to say, wait till you see the rest of the grevillea. They are so amazing and birds love them.

Thank you zilyzily.
That's it.
The needles are more to the blue side than to the yellow side, more like the last picture.
And indeed the birds love them, a kind of hummingbirds.
One time when I have a big garden I would like to plant this tree, to attract little birds and the tree looks lovely too, very delicate.


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