SOLVED: Two flowers to name

Vancouver, Canada

The city of Vancouver Canada planted these 2 flowers, plus more, in a bee meadow. They were planted the fall of 2020, i.e. a perrenial?. Planning to plant my own bee meadow. Can someone please tell me what they are? Thanks

Thumbnail by sailor_linda Thumbnail by sailor_linda
Castro Valley, CA

Baby Blue Eyes - Nemophila menziesii and Layia platyglossa. Both annuals.

Vancouver, Canada

Baby Blue eyes semms correct, but the yellow one is not Layia platyglossa, the leaves are not the same.

Castro Valley, CA

You are so welcome, sailor_linda! LOL Glad to be of service to you.

Well....................... I think they are pretty close though hard to tell for sure since your photos are a bit hard to see detail. But I still think Layia platyglossa. Maybe someone else will know.

Vancouver, Canada

A big thank you to ZilyZily for their prompt response in identification. I'll take anither photo of the leaves tomorrow

Fayette City, PA

Looks like a variety of dwarf coreopsis that I saw in a community garden

Vancouver, Canada

After looking at many on line photos of Layia platyglossa, I have to agree that this is the yellow and white flower. Posted another photo of the leaves and they are not quite the same as web photos, but everything else fits. Thanks again ZilyZily

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