What is this?

Langhorne, PA

I had planted mums in this pot that died off over the winter. This came up and at first I thought it was the mum. Can someone identify this plant? Has tiny yellow flowers. Is it a weed that got into the pot? This is in SE Pennsylvania in case the location helps.

Also, my pics are not blurry in my camera roll but look that way up here. Anyone know why?

Thumbnail by ClaireAlthea Thumbnail by ClaireAlthea
Crossroads, Russia

Looks like it's Ranunculus sceleratus .... And if I'm not mistaken, damaged leaves can cause problems on the sensitive skin of the hands.

Langhorne, PA

Just googled that.....so it is a buttercup plant?

Crossroads, Russia

Ranunculus has several species. Buttercup plant (Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus repens) is one of them. But the plant in the photo is specifically Ranunculus sceleratus.

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