Bugs on succulent

Bentleyville, PA

I have these little bugs all over my one succulent and African violet.
What are they and how do I get ride of them?

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Castro Valley, CA

Hard to tell from here but could be scale which attacks AV and succulents. BTW, scale come in many colors. Yours looks to be brown scale which is the kind I always got. Does it look like the ones that come up when you google Coccus hesperidum and click on images?

If not that 1, Google 'scale on succulents' and see if yours is similar to any of the ones shown.
Look at a lot of photos for scale looks different on different plants besides coming in different colors. There are also different stages to their lives in which they change their looks a lot.

Here are a list with photos of bugs that love succulents. Look at the scale part too that is down a bit.


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