Looking for recommendations for a kid hauler/city bike

T5K 2L9, Canada

I'm looking into getting an e-assist cargo bike to use primarily for carting the kids (twin 2 1/2 year old girls) around (to-from pre-school, city adventures), and secondarily as a mode of transportation for myself to get to places with bad parking (I live in San Francisco, so most of the city fits that category).

Range isn't a big deal because most trips would be within SF.

It would be helpful if the bike could be easily adjusted between my 6'1 height and my wife's 5'2 height, as she may use it at some point.

I'm 215 pounds, and the kids are currently about 35 pounds each, so there needs to be enough cargo capacity for that many people with room to grow.

It would be nice if the child seats could be easily removed for solo use, but this is not required.

SF has some killer hills; I'd probably avoid them fully loaded, but I'd like to be able to climb some of them (Arguello in the Presidio, if you know SF) without killing myself.

Because this is all new to me, I'm looking for advice on the fundamentals (kids in the front vs. kids in the back), specific models and options, accessories (kid seats), and so on.

I wouldn't say money isn't an issue, but if this is going to be the primary method of getting the kids to school for the next 5-6 years, I'd rather not cut corners.

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