I\'m back!

Cardiff, ON(Zone 4a)

After taking an 8 year hiatus, I'm finally coming back! I even remembered my username and password without having to send a reminder. I made some wonderful friends here and I'm hoping to connect with some again - trying to find the chat thread if they're still around. And of course, I'll be looking at plant stuff too - lol.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ohhh was just thinking about you the other day
How are you sweetie
We are still on the threads
Best/Worse and What did I learn today as well as a sewing craft thread
How are the children, guess not little ones any longer..think you were moving last we spoke, where are you now?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Checked where Cardif is, near Bancroft I believe..not too far from me..

Gletterens, FR

8 years is a long time. Anyway, welcome back to the community.

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