Inkberries Turning Rapidly

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I bought a new house last September. I had a designer help me with updating the front landscaping. We put two compact inkberries on either side of our front steps. They did great all fall, through the winter, and early spring. I was happy to see them begin to bud (is that the right term). So, when I had more space open up due to a new walkway being added, I planted 3 more. Now, the two original are rapidly developing yellow/red leaves that then drop. The newer ones were ok, but are also now starting to yellow. I did a PH home test kit and it came out, best that I could match the color, slightly acid to neutral.

I was watering the new ones frequently since they aren't established and made the mistake of watering the more established ones also, but have subsequently stopped. I thought perhaps it has something to do with whatever the contractors used to set the pavers, but every other plant out there is doing really well.

I will try some holly tone, but any advice would be appreciated as I really don't want to lose these inkberries.

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From your pictures - which are all closeups and do not show the whole plants - I only see older leaves that are turning color and dropping. The new terminal growth and the most recent leaves look fine.

I think you are just observing the normal shedding of one year's worth of older leaves - that EVERY evergreen plant does. You could go look at plants where you bought yours, and you will see the same thing. OR, look around your neighborhood or community where Inkberry Holly are planted; you will see the same thing.

AND - Inkberry Holly are native to rather wet and swampy areas, as I have observed them in natural areas around New Jersey. I don't think you can water them more than they can handle.

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Woburn, MA

Hi, thanks. I hope that is the case. I'll try to get some fuller pictures.

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