recommendations for a full size wood lathe

New York City, NY

Hi there!
I am on a quest to create a small dog houses for the neighboring stray dogs. They are so kind & friendly, they've never even barked at someone. Recently the PETA people had been taking these dogs away to euthanize them which is so heartbreaking!
I am on a mission with my fellow neighbors to collectively adopt all these creatures to save them from death.
So we have decided to build wooden houses in all our lawns & put collars on these dogs to avoid PETA picking them up & euthanizing them.
So in order to build such a large number of dog houses, we're considering buying some wood lathes that are gonna be utilized for all the woodwork. I myself am an experienced woodworker & also leading this project.
But my lathes have gotten old & rusty. What kind of lathes should we collectively buy? As this is a large-scale project we'll preferably buy full-sized wood lathes. Refer me some lathes from this list please:
I've done a lot of research online & have shortlisted a list of wood lathes.
We also need some serious veteran woodworking advice so please get in touch,
We live in Manhasset Hills, NY so anyone who wants to help with this project in any way please let us know.

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