How do I mend a broken concrete birdbath support

Chillicothe, OH

We have a birdbath pedestal that broke at the bottom (about 4 inches up) before it begins to taper inwards a lot. I've replaced it with another that I could afford, but it's not nearly as nice to look at.

Can I mend the concrete pedestal? The break is almost completely horizontal but rough enough to give a good adhesive some grip. I've seen Gorilla glue commercials recently that made me wonder if it or some other adhesive would work if I first put the very bottom in its final place, made sure it was level, then set the top part on the adhesive. I don't want to just try any adhesive because if it doesn't work well, it will make anything else I put on it more likely to fail adhering to the concrete.

One thought I had if an adhesive doesn't work is to get a 1/2 inch or larger masonry drill, measure carefully, drill into both pieces as close to straight as possible, then use some cement and a smaller diameter piece of metal and jam the cement into the hole, then the piece of steel, then align everything. A test fit would be done before adding the cement. I don't think it would allow for moving the pedestal by lifting it by the top but if it was left in one final place, maybe it would work?

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Try GE Silicone II sealant. It's really a glue. There used to be a lot of crafters posting outdoor projects here and that was the go to product for everything outdoors. I made a tumbled glass and ceramic gazing ball by gluing the glass and broken tile to an old bowling ball. That was a good dozen years ago and it's still intact in spite of having been left in the garden year around.

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