Tiny white flowers, finely divided leaves

Espanola, NM

Hello. I'm wondering about this plant growing in a garden in NE Ohio. The owner thinks it might be something she bought and forgot about, but I think it got there by itself. The pictures were taken May 27--the flowers are more open now. (I could probably get another flower picture if it would help.)


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Espanola, NM

Here's a flower close-up.

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Castro Valley, CA

This is a long shot. When you posted this the other day I was thinking asparagus fern but that went nowhere.

Just now I saw these photos IDed as Artemesia sp on FB. There are a ton of different Artemesia species and a few are thin leafed like yours. It reminded me of your photos so I came back here to look again.

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Espanola, NM

Thank you. Artemisia is a possibility that hadn't occurred to me, but I'll look into it. (In fact, no possibility had occurred to me. :-) I should have said the leaves didn't have any aroma that I could detect, but I don't think that rules it out.

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