CLOSED: Help with spider ID

Philadelphia, PA

Spider seen, Eastern PA, in home on 3rd floor (not basement or attic). Not in a web, about 2cm leg-span, light brown color. Long legs, but not extremely long and not held in the fashion of typical cellar spiders. Ended up killing it with bug spray to get a close up (it was on a ceiling and hard to otherwise trap for ID). Some similarities to brown recluse or southern house spider, though out of typical geographic range for both. Since I lack the expertise, I figured I would take a close-up headshot and post here, as it is obviously somewhat important to know if I am sharing my home with a medically important species.

Any guesses?

Thumbnail by Egp1 Thumbnail by Egp1
Minot, ND

It appears to be a male long-legged sac spider (family Cheiracanthiidae) - see for an image.

"...the spider rarely bites (with females biting more often than wandering males), and the venom rarely produces more than local symptoms." -

Philadelphia, PA

I think you're right! I had just been doing some searching to ID the eye pattern and was leaning towards the same conclusion. I'll put the bug spray away.

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