mazeii Venturi injector help

Belchertown, MA

Hello, I'm trying to set up an injector very close to the pump so I can inject line cleaning enzymes and biology. I have 40gpm running through 1.5" main line. Then I use a PVC tee to branch off to 3/4" for the injector set up. The 3/4" goes down again to 1/2" in one spot where I have a 2.2 gpm booster pump used to either force more water ( pressure) through the injector, or I mount it on the other side of the injector to suck it out. I have a 1.5" gate valve between the injector set up as is typical. My problem is, I still can't seem to get the injector to function. Last year I was able to get it to work with the booster pump but this year I can't. I think the problem is that water is exiting through the exit end of the injector setup with greater force so that the pressure on the front side is not great enough. I thought about adding a pressure regulator at the exit side of the injector setup but not sure if that will work. I used to have gauges set up on the main line before and after the injector but I currently do not. Any ideas? Thanks

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