Is this Yucca ?

istanbul, Turkey

Let me know if this is a Yucca plant ?

Thumbnail by zapatistal
Groveland, FL

It is a yucca.

Castro Valley, CA

I think it is a yucca too. Maybe Yucca aloifolia. The flower will tell you if it is a yucca for sure and hopefully may lead you to which one in particular.a lot.

I looked up to see if Yucca aloifolia was native to Turkey. I found Yucca filamentosa has naturalized there. So I was thinking why not Yucca aloifolia naturalizing too to Turkey for it has to many of the same countries Yucca filamentosa has. Though aloifolia needs warmer zones.

istanbul, Turkey

Many thanks for the answers.

This is a plant that hasn't been looked after at all. The body of the plant seems to be covered with dead "leaves". Is this how it's supposed to be? When I look at yucca pictures, I don't see any such dead leaves hanging down. Is that because people cut those dead leaves?

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