SOLVED: Tree seedling needing ID

Lisbon, Portugal

Does anyone have any clue to what this tree might be? It's 2 years old now, growing in Europe, cotyledon were notched, leaves are really thin with the apex becoming sharper as the tree grows.

Thumbnail by Joao Thumbnail by Joao Thumbnail by Joao Thumbnail by Joao Thumbnail by Joao
Groveland, FL

It looks like a Celtis seedling to me.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I will lean toward Zelkova serrata...

Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you for the input!

Despite the shape of the leaves being similar to the Zelkova serrata, their vein pattern doesn't look compatible.

The Celtis seems to be a strong candidate indeed. The cotyledons are really similar.
My first idea was a Betula, but after having seen the Celtis I'm having a change of mind.

Has anyone seen a Betula seedling with notched cotyledons?

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