Mysterious Succulent

Bristol, United Kingdom


My first time here, I have a mysterious succulent. It is mysterious to me as I do not specialize with land plants, besides of a tiny bit with aquatic plants lol.

I got this guy in Tesco for 2, close to dying. I added some new dirt but mostly left it with its original earth so I possibly (?) would not shock the plant and gave it some water as it's original earth was dry like desert sand. Ripped off dying and already falling off dying leaves so it would focus on its alive leaves.

Its photos are attached, could anyone tell me name of these species and its care please? I partially am known as the plant killer.. I killed cacti, aloe vera and christmas plant and I certainly don't wanna kill this little thing..

I will appreciate anything, thank you a lot!!

Thumbnail by mysterysucc
Castro Valley, CA

I was thinking a crassula.
So I looked.
Maybe Crassula Swaziensis variegata 'Money Maker'?

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