Rhododendron/Azalea Dropping Older Leaves

Fairfield, IA

My rhododendron/azalea has seemed happy since I brought her home a few months ago. It has a lot of new growth. Itís been in the same spot, indoors under plant lights and north window lighting. Recently the older leaves have started developing yellow veins and falling off in large numbers. I am planning to repot her in a mix of course perlite and high quality organic potting soil. The pot is very small compared to the foliage and itís in some sort of solid spongy organic material. She has a few spider mites but I am managing them. They arenít on most of the leaves that fall off and I donít think theyíre numerous enough to be stressing the plant too much. No webbing yet. Any help would be appreciated! I donít want to lose her.

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