Asparagus how to weed and when to water

Chillicothe, OH

I just planted about 60 crowns a week ago. Watered them the first two days then nature took care of watering the rest of the week.

I have some questions.

First, how often should I water these? We've had a lot of rain this week and I watered the two days before the rain came.

Second, how do I weed these once they come up from the ground since the plants are rather fragile and stepping in among the shoots could damage them. Do you just let the weeds go and deal with them at the end of the season, do as best as you can during the growing season, or what?

I will be happy if half of these come up as I bought them around Memorial Day and planted them a few days later. They looked dormant and some were pretty dried looking, but they were on sale and I thought I'd try growing some.

london, United Kingdom

Asparagus is a long-term crop. So you want to wait at least a year (maybe two or three) before eating them. The general rule that I find easy to follow is to stop harvesting when they're the stalks are teh thickness of a pencil. Then let them grow big and ferny and store energy for the next season. Then in the fall, once they die back and turn brown, cut all the stems back to the soil surface or below and leave it until next season. .

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