CLOSED: ID Please Southeastern PA (Damselfly?)

Morrisville, PA

Help identifying this insect appreciated! It was seen this morning in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

I think it's a damselfy (based on what I read that said dragonflies keep wings open at rest and damselfies have them closed) -- but that's about all I know so far. :)

Thank you!

Thumbnail by emblue
Minot, ND

It is indeed a damselfly; looks like Argia fumipennis (variable dancer) -

Morrisville, PA

Very cool! Thank you so much, as always, Flapdoodle! I did some searching -- do you think it's a Violet Dancer?

Minot, ND

The variable dancer and violet dancer are considered subspecies of the same species (Argia fumipennis). Yours would appear to be closer to the violacea subspecies.

Morrisville, PA

Okay, thanks again!

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