Rabbit deterrent thatís harmless to toads?

Watermill, NY

Yesterday I was spraying the plants that are finally growing back from the stumps a rabbit left behind after it dined on my flower beds. I noticed a toad hop into the bed. I realized the repellent I was spraying had capsaicin in it. I thought ďOh no, that canít be good for a toad,Ē so I stopped spraying it. Today, all of the plants I didnít spray with repellent were eaten down to stumps again. I donít want my flower beds eaten by rabbits (they will eat anything, Iíve found), but I donít want to harm toads.I canít put a wire fence around beds because theyíre in my front yard and would look awful. Iím resigned to not having hostas (we have deer, too), but would like nice flower beds with some nectar plants in the front yard. Funny, weíve had these garden beds for 20+ years but rabbits have only recently started decimating them.

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