Plant Id possibly wild plum?

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

I let this grow in an old pot until I can figure out what it is.

Is it a baby plum tree?

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Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)


Castro Valley, CA

I have no clue but I did google wild plum seedling and found just 1 picture which could be a match. I think you will have to let it age more to be sure.

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Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b) could still be some sort of wild fruit tree but prunus Americana Iím thinking no. Foliage seems to be too shiny and I see no folding along the midrib. It is in a shadier spot so Iíll move it to a much brighter location and see if anything changes.

For now Iím going to say itís inconclusive to me.

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

I think Iím close. I think I have the right genus but instead of plum perhaps a wild cherry tree?

Here in central va there are several different wild cherry trees but I can eliminate black cherry.

That leaves choke cherry, wild cherry, sweet cherry and sour cherry. I hope itís a sour cherry but I have to look into it further.

Castro Valley, CA

I hope it is what you want. Kind of fun to wait and watch!

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

Nah itís already not a plum! Lol.

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