Boxwoods having trouble

Santa Moncia, United States

Hello. I bought these japonica boxwoods not too long ago. The two larger ones I kept in the original plastic containers during the winter and then repotted to the planters about two months ago and treated with Bonide Root and Grow as recommended at the nursery where I bought them. The plants had dried out a little prior to repotting and the advice was to treat and they'd recover. Now the tips of the leaves are turning white. What is this? The smaller boxwood I bought a month ago had lighter green leaves to begin with and then started to turn bronze. Many leaves will fall away if I delicately shake the plant. Will these boxwoods recover? I live in Santa Monica, CA and it's been terribly dry here - our winter had almost no rain but I don't want to overwater. I see boxwoods around my neighborhood that look lush and green and I'm so sad mine look this way. Have they just not adapted to containers well? Should I snip off the white leaves? Should I just leave it be and water during our hot summer and be patient for their recovery? Thank you!

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Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

It's boxwood blight. It was everywhere here last summer. Your plant can recover.

Here is a great article:

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