What Clematis is this??

Crystal Lake, IL

I have this beautiful pure white clematis with a deep pink stamen. The closest thing to it that I have found in Henri, but it does not have the green line down the center of each petal. The flowers are 3" in diameter. Any ideas out there? The identification on it at the nursery was Sweet Autumn but it clearly is not. This is a very slow grower. Last year only 1 flower and this yr only 2. Transplanted it from full sun all day to part sun - about 6 hrs a day.

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Castro Valley, CA

Yours has green on the flower petals? I do not see any green on yours.

Have you compared to this 1 that does have the green bar?

"Kitty Boulevard Clematis has a subtle green line down the center of each creamy white bloom on a desireable compact size. Due to its growth habit it does not need a big trellis. Ideal for a container or small space, it will bloom all summer long with new flowers emerging all season long.
Common Name: Kitty Boulevard Clematis Vine
Botanical Name: Clematis Evipo097 Kitty
Growth Rate: Fast"

Castro Valley, CA

Did you mean yours is solid white with no green at all? LOL Henri shows as solid white in many photos. A bit of green on bud. Some with more green. It seems variable. https://171dxwjpaqv2danpq11ixf2j-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/clematis-henryi-has-large-white-flowers-.jpeg

There is an all white one called Clematis Destiny. Have you see that 1?
Picture found online.

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