Combretaceae plants, please identify


I saw this plant (the first three pictures) in our surroundings and I took cuttings and they sprout after two weeks and flowered after a month.The flowers look like Quisqualis indica(Rangoon Creeper) but the leaves are different.There is one more plant like Q. indica with short calyx tubes.The first three are the same, the fourth one is the short variety and the fifth picture is the giant climber Q. indica. In all the three types the leaf structure/growth pattern/flower color are different. Are they different species?

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Castro Valley, CA

I will be of little help but I do wonder why you thought your cuttings were similar to a Rangoon Creeper. Just because your flower has a longish pedicle? Do yours bloom in clusters? Did yours start off white and is now changing colors to red? Is yours a vine too?

I just wonder if it is in the same genus or even family with a Rangoon Creeper for their reproductive parts look nothing alike as far as I can tell from your photo. Do you have photos of the original plant blooming?

I wonder if the last 2 photos are the same plant, just different ages or growing under different conditions. Some plants have a bit of variability within it too. Or a seed grown one might be a bit different from its siblings.


I think I have to display another set of pictures for the three different varieties once again.

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