CLOSED: What is this?

Spring, TX(Zone 8b)

That's a #2 pencil tip in lower left corner to compare size of this guy.

Believe this is an adult (never seen one larger, though many smaller) and they appear periodically in my bathroom, usually on wall, as this one is.

I have see as many as 3 at a time, though they never interact with one another.

Looks sort of like three wings but far left one is just a shadow from my flash.

Any ideas?


Thumbnail by Ryleighs_Da
Minot, ND

It's a fly in the family Psychodidae; they are known by several common names, including moth flies, drain flies, and sewer flies. Their larvae feed on decomposing organic matter in places such as floor drains. Although harmless, they usually are considered nuisance pests. See

Spring, TX(Zone 8b)

Thank you Flapadoodle! Ugly beast, isn't it?

Also, Flapadoodle, thanks for the quite interesting link!


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