Plant ID help please!

Morrisville, PA

This plant grew in my yard years ago (back in 2008) all on its own. :) I don't know what it was, it never came back. I appreciate your help identifying it.

It was in Southeastern Pennsylvania if that helps.

Thank you!

Thumbnail by emblue
Castro Valley, CA

Too bad you do not have a photo of the leaves, seed pods or fruit, stems, thorns, whether a vine or a bush, fragrance, flower size. Those would go a long way to differentiate between very similar flowering plants.

This picture has entertained me for an hour. First I thought it was definitely a species clematis looking at the flower, But then I looked at the buds. They said rose to me and while I could see a species rose look somewhat similar to the flower, it just was not saying rose to me.

So then I went to blackberry though that was a stretch for me only because I have a blackberry vine trying to smother my backyard so I see the flowers from my window and they are small while the flower in your photo feels big to me. My blackberry monster just appeared as yours did and the flower and buds are similar to your photo.

So I looked for a blackberry in Pennsylvania. And up came
Rubus pensilvanicus

I still am not sure. But if you google them you will be able to match up the different traits with what you remember and get the ID.

Morrisville, PA

Quote from ZilyZily :
This picture has entertained me for an hour.

Well there's that at least. :)

Thank you very much for taking the time and all this information. I'll see if I can find more images in my photo archives (my memory is mostly lacking on this, unfortunately).

The photos on the link you sent do seem like a match. I think the flowers were rather large -- individual petals maybe 2.5 inches long?

Thanks again.

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